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(See her first video audition ever, that was recorded year ago.. on the cheapest camera and without a mic, and see what she does :) New Year !Amazing opera voice music Video Auditions For America's Got Talent ~2013 The X Factor Viktoriya Taylor Americas Immigrant ~ video auditions FULL LIVE Audition Clips Of My Singing pop and opera hit songs)....If you like, please, subscribe to our videos and share it with your friends :) I want to share my talent with the world on Americas Got Talent TV Show *as always, this is done for audition purpose and not for financial gain*SUBMISSION VIDEO For America's Got Talent Best Talent Quest! I do not own the music, lyrics....the only thing I own is my voice and the video..l (NEW SONG 2012) *as always, this is done for audition purpose and not for financial gain*Information from America's Got Talent Official (We have not announced our open call cities yet, but we have opened up of video submission process for the 2013 season. "How To Submit A Video Audition for America's Got Talent, Sending a video of your performance is a great way for us to become familiar with your act even if you decide to come to an open audition. If you cannot make it to audition for us in person, your submission will count as your official audition for the show. So you have nothing to lose. Videos should be no longer than 2-3 minutes in length. Also bear in mind that submitted videos DO NOT have to be slick, highly-edited promotional masterpieces. In fact, we would much rather see a straightforward, un-edited performance that shows your personality and talent, even if it's just you introducing yourself on camera and performing right in your living room or backyard.Send Us A LinkOne of the quickest and easiest ways for us to see your act is to post your video online (on a video hosting site like YouTube, your own site, or anywhere on the internet). You can then simply submit the link to us using this form. If you have a YouTube Channel we'll also ask for that link so we can check out all your videos. If you are submitting a video online then you do not need to send in the Paperwork & Release. We gather your information from the online form you fill out.")America's Got Talent (also known as AGT or Got Talent) is an American reality television series on the NBC television network, and part of the global British Got Talent franchise. It is a talent show that features singers, dancers, magicians, comedians, and other performers of all ages competing for the advertised top prize of $1 million. The show debuted in June 2006 for the summer television season. From season three onwards, the prize included $1 million, payable in a financial annuity over 40 years (or the present cash value of such annuity), and a show as the headliner on the Las Vegas Strip. Among its significant features were that it gave an opportunity to talented amateurs or unknown performers, with the results decided by an audience vote. The format is a popular one and has often been reworked for television in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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